Transform Your Life & Business


Transform By Design is a mindful coaching team that offers skillful personalized training through custom designed programs to teams of people who feel stuck. We create a safe, insightful learning environment for anyone seeking transformation and growth in order to develop skillful ways of navigating human interaction for future success.


How do we do this? We listen. We wrestle with ideas, expectations, and reality. We tease out and then laser beam in on the real issues. Then we help transform your organization, team or group into a mindful, creative, communicating, engaged and motivated enterprise. Together we create an experience of interacting with your group that shifts old, tired narratives into fresh, innovative, and useful paradigms.



We dialogue about your team’s trouble spots and start by introducing an anonymous survey to employees. Then, we assess the responses carefully and use what we learned to design the best program for your team.




We offer Mindful Parenting Coaching for parents of all ages. We’ll come to your group, or assemble a new group based on interest.




Individual sessions are the best place to get focused attention on your individual needs. We’ll look at your challenges, frustrations, joys, dreams and confusions.



We offer dynamic experiences that use creative expression for personal growth as well as building a community of kindness, support and meaning.


Let's Connect!

Contact us and we will come to you, actively listen, ask questions and skillfully inquire as to what might be stalling out your team’s engine of success. You’ll find us respectful, interested, and full of interactive and meaningful ideas for how to proceed. This is not your run-of-the-mill team building afternoon. This is focused, directed, facilitated and detail-oriented work that will invite you to learn, grow, shift, look at outdated patterns and most importantly, create new ones.

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